Puente de Arre over rio Arga

Starting the Camino from St Jean Pied de Port, France

We’re a married couple who are traveling the world, experiencing local cultures, and sharing our ideas on how you can do the same.

We’re starting with a hike across Spain on the Camino de Santiago–The Way of Saint James. Dennis is also using our travels to research the sequel to his new book, The Last Apostle

We like to become part of communities. When we were stationed in Germany at Sembach Air Base we chose to live in a house in the local village of Winnweiler rather than on base. We plan to do that in our new life where we can–connect with people and places rather than just see the sights and pass through.

Join the conversation. We’d love to hear your suggestions and field your questions as we spend our life on the road abroad and in the USA.


Current Plans

Last Reported Location

Pamplona, Spain April 14

See our blog for current updates: http://worldrovers.com/stories/


April – May: Hiking the Camino de Santiago-St Jean Pied de Port in France to Finisterra (“End of the Earth”) in Spain

May-June 14: Recovering in Porto, Portugal with friends

June 15-July 15: Dublin

July 16-August: More Ireland. Locations TBD

September: Isle of Wight (England)

October-Early January 2016: More England. Locations TBD


January-June: We have a lot of friends from our Air Force days and other travels that we keep promising to visit. This is it! We’ll drive across the US, do some work at Habitat for Humanity sites, and get a chance to catch up with friends. Finish with Route 66 in May/June.

June-September: Seattle area. Plan to finish hiking the Wonderland Trail, kayak, and enjoy the great Seattle summer.

October: Depart for the next TBD location.

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