The Longest Day

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Saturday, May 7. Acebo, Spain Today was our toughest day yet. We had a special destination in mind—one that we’ve looked forward to from before this trip. To reach it required a hike of 27 kilometers, close to our longest distance so far. We had to make the decision at a point of no return […]

Laurie’s New Crush

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Friday, May 6. Santa Catalina de Somoza, Spain I may be in trouble. Laurie has developed a new crush here on the Camino. It’s on a man. Actually, it’s on an entire class of men: elderly Spanish men who provide us directions, whether we need them or not. It may be because we look confused—even […]

Twelfth Century Albergue–Leon Style

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We arrived in Leon, Spain on Monday. Today was a rest day where we shopped for some needed supplies and someone got her hair trimmed and washed. Not much touring but we did meet up with friends for almost every meal and made it to the 6:00 pm daily mass at the Cathedral. We also […]

Faded Glory

Faded Glory

Saturday, April 30 Calzadilla de los Hermanillos, Spain We’ve been walking the Camino since April 9th and have passed through large towns like Pamplona and Burgos and towns with populations of 50. After so many days the smaller villages tend to blend together. But several have touched our hearts. In my case, none more so […]

Video Clips from the Camino

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We’ve been hiking 20+ km days for 13 days now since our break in Pamplona. Our feet might be sore but we are both developing callouses  and not blisters. Today we got a private room in an Albergue in Fromista and are dining in–bread, Spanish ham, cheese, and wine in our room. In two days […]

Sleepless in Spain

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Monday, April 25 Castrojeriz, Spain “…I thought I was in the woods surrounded by growling animals” New York Expatriate, now living in England Most peregrinos on the Camino spend each night in what’s called an Albergue (pronounced Al-burr-gay) or pilgrims hostel. The normal rate for a bed is about 10 euros, roughly $11 US dollars. […]

Pilgrims First, Tourists When we Can

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Friday, April 22 Belorado, Spain There is no bad weather, only bad clothing Danish Proverb Today is one of those days where we’re grateful we tested our clothing in rainy conditions. We started off in the predawn darkness in an effort to beat the rain forecasted for the early afternoon. We were rewarded with a […]

If This is Tuesday, it Must be Navarrete

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Tuesday we arrived in Naverrete after 22+ km of hiking. We started with Maria, Beth & Jerry and crossed very pretty countryside under overcast skies. During the morning part of our trek we left Basque Country and arrived in the Rioja region of Spain, noted for great wine. So far, we haven’t been disappointed. Mid-morning […]

New Friends, New Scenery

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Saturday, April 18. Viana, Spain I sensed that he was following us. We had walked out of our Hostal (hotel) room in Pamplona after a day off. We had all our gear on for our 21+km hike to the charming little hamlet of Obanos. As we crossed a square heading toward the point where we […]

No Bulls Needed

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Thursday, April 14. Pamplona, Spain “Pamplona is calling.” Yoost in the movie, “The Way” We walked here on Wednesday under blue Basque skies that rival those of our native Seattle. It wound up being about 22 km; two more than planned due to detours—one planned, one unplanned. Yes, I missed a turn. We (especially me) […]

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